The Order of Things

by Ask the Slave

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This is the sophomore release from the Icelandic "brain-stimulating musical perverts" Ask the Slave


released June 20, 2010

Music written and arranged by Ask the Slave.
Recorded at Heiti Potturinn, Njallinn and Studio ReFlex.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Axel “Flex” Árnason.
Produced by Ragnar Ólafsson.
Cover art by Haukur Valdimar Pálsson
Layout and design by Holaf
Ask the Slave:
Ragnar Ólafsson: lead vocals
Elvar Atli Ævarsson: guitar and vocals
Valur Guðmundsson: guitar
Hinrik Þór Oliversson: drums and percussion
Engilbert Hauksson: bass
Guest appearances:
Axel “Flex” Árnason: vocals, programming and percussion.
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson: vocals
Ingólfur Ólafsson: vocals
Leifur Jónsson: trombone
Snoolli: accidental vocals
Hallgrímur Jónas Jensson: cello



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Track Name: The Order of Things
The number of gods you're supposed to worship
The number of nipples on you chest
The number of kingdoms in the past
The number of arms on a cross
The number of fingers on your hand
The number of strings on a guitar
The number of things you're not supposed to do

This is The Order of Things
Everything is in Order
This is an Order

In the good book there are
seven ways to fuck up
have you sinned?
In the good....

The number of things you're not supposed to do
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Oh, oh, my god!

In the good book there are
seven ways to fuck up
have you sinned?
In the good book
Track Name: Something Got In the Water
Our shadows grow taller
the wise grow balder
As we get higher
the blood gets thicker
Polluted by impressions: We’re the polluters
On your tail: We’re the pursuers
Thru the back door: We the intruders
Straitjackets: We’re the designers
During sexual intercourse: WE are the mucous
WE are the new cause for effect and alarm,
the reason you got this far,
and you’re not getting any further
WE are the when and why you have your breakfast...
we’re your fucking cornflakes man!
Don’t think about it – WE are the thinkers
We’re the polluters. We’re the designers.
You – you are polluted. And this is all you need to know.
Wrap your tongue around your head
shut your ears don’t get out of bed
Just do what and what we say
We get what we want anyway
Shut up!
Sit down!
We are what’s left of mankind
after the virus killed everyone,
including the monkeys in the zoo
We are the heads rolling down the square
after they killed all the women
and raped all the children.
We are your hand caressing yourself
in your sleep, in which WE dream.
Hate us!

Our shadows grow taller
the wise...
Track Name: I Fucked Up
I Fucked Up
I Fucked You

When we become matter
we don't mind

I Fucked Up


Circular motion
Body lotion
In the mirror
abdominal areas
In the middle of your


When we become matter
we don't mind

I fucked up

Track Name: Peeling Skin
Where does one begin
To peel his own skin?
And where does he start
To tear himself apart?
Can he ever win
Over his skin?
Piece by piece
He will decrease
As he bleeds to please
His own expertise
Blood dripping
Due to his ripping
Runs out of plaster
The peeling goes faster
Loves me,
Loves me not
Loves me
Where does one begin
to peel his own skin...

It ain't no sin
To peel of your skin
And prance around
Some cones
La, la, la...

Loves me,
loves me not
Love me...

Where does one begin...

We’re all beautiful on the inside
True beauty is on the inside
Put your mind to it
Get right thru it
To the other side
Be your own parasite!
La, la, la...

Loves me
Loves me not
Loves me...
Track Name: For the Sake of Conversation
And I will tie you down
You hold me with your
beautiful hands
And if you let go
I’ll tie you down
You will be mine
All mine
And if you let go
I’ll tie you down
And you will be mine
Purple on the inside
I’m inside you
You’re all over me
You, oh, control me
I'm inside you 

Inside, inside
Just keep on doing what you do
That thing you do
And give me more
Fuck the pain away
And you will be mine
Purple on the inside
Track Name: Sleep Now
Sleep now, gently pass thru to the other world
It will release you from all your worries
So sleep now

Forget those promises broken
There’s a place in the forrest
a place for you to rest
so just sleep now

Throw off the weight that you carry
burn all the bridges and bury the hatchet you keep now
still on this side of tomorrow
think of your favorite song
let it just move you along

And then I’ll open the door
at the count of four
you’re not alone anymore
the scent of your hair,
as I reach towards your ear it’s so sweet now

Spreading your hair on your pillow
you go to that place
that’s buried in the haze
I can see you

I see you, and I want to be with you
Go where you go,
Feel all you feel so breathe deep now

Nobody, nothing can do you harm
So don’t think of those painful goodbyes
Just close your beautiful eyes

And then I’ll open the door
Just like the night before
Needing to see you once more
You look so relaxed
As I’m here by your side
With tears in my eyes I whisper

I love you
You’re asleep now
Track Name: Smell Yourself
Hey, smell yourself!

Smelling the bitter-sweet
smell of semen when you love

When you're smelling
someones else's underwear

Smelling someone else's

The stink of pink
body parts

The stink of pink
booty parts 

Smelling underwear!
It's the smell that defines you

Smelling under...

Afraid to look people in the eye
but willing to smell their private parts
YOU live in a world of olfactics
where you know peoples secrets
and you don't have to know yourself

Smelling underwear!

It's the smell that defines you

You should smell yourself!

Hey – smell yourself
Track Name: Zero
One way to zero
in this frequency
to equalize a parametric

the desired range
is nowhere to be found
the “level-boost” is never easy

Subject laying down
continues to happen
the number of the situation

Make up for placement
example where in use...
working hard to engineer

One way to zero
in this frequency
to equalize a parametric

Subject laying down
continues to happen
the number of the situation
Track Name: Sleep Some More
(You're asleep)

Looking thru your window
waiting for you to fall asleep
pretend I'm by your side
pretend I'm by your side
and now I'm by your side
(this can never last)

Sitting on the ege of your bed
watching you sleep
and now,
and now you're not afraid
you don't know I am here
you don't know I am here
you don't know I am here
(we are)
(this could never last)

I know your deepest fears
I've watched you for years
(I'm perfect for you)
No one but me can do you harm
(but I'll never do you harm)
Sitting on the edge of your bed
(you're asleep)

I know your deepest fears
I've watched you for years
I know your deepets fears
I've been watching you for years
I've been watching you
I'm sitting on the edge of your bed

You are sleeping
and your face makes me cry
I am by your side
(touching you, touching your hand!)
I'm holding your hand
You would not understand
this secret love we have
No one can do you harm
when you're on your own
(we are)
Cause we're falling a-part...
Track Name: Slave
(There's always more...
So stay right where you are
You are here
There's always more...)

Katie Mae, Rosalie,
Pearlie Mae, Baby Lee
Pearline, Lucy and Sally Mae
Louise McGee
little wing that made me sing

I became spellbound by her devil sound
I travelled far with a guitar
Still not old I crossed the road
with long black hair
my baby was there
She sat in the shade,
the shade was blue
She looked like the sun
and the moonlight too

She said:
I'll give you everything my friend
I'll give you life and I'll make it end
She said she loved me
and it made me flinch
I told her I loved her
and I've missed her ever since

I miss her primal, deep kiss
purple, cream, scream, sonic
pearl, youth, jam

When she came
she had this fiery glare in her eye
and it burned the strongest when
we said goodbye

Our love was strong
it lasted all night long
Fornication became her beloved appellation

On the twelfth hour
she turned around
she sighed and she whispered
this one primal sound:


What really happened
most people never understood
but one remembers why
beneath the southern sky
She came from behind the mule
shaped by passion and not being free
with one mind for the big boss to see
and one that she knows is me

Ask the Slave
that told the tale
to the king
for him to sing

A colored muse
inspired blues
the king of prunes
bought and sold the tunes

Know the source
learn the discourse
Old Black Stewball
was not a race horse

Katie Mae, Rosalie
Pearlie Mae,
Baby Lee takes me down

and no remedy

(You are here,
So stay right where you are)